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From: Joshua Writer

Dear Fellow Marketer:

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  • Earn HUGE Commissions: Earn up to 50% of every sale you refer. You will earn 40% first tier, and 10% second tier and if the product is a monthly subscription you will earn reoccurring commissions for as long as your referral stays a customer.

  • 2 Tier Tracking System: Yep that's right, we are bringing back the 2 tier affiliate program. Not only do you make money by referring someone directly but you also make money when you refer other affiliates. Referring just one super affiliate can make you thousands of dollars on autopilot. You will earn 40% first tier, and 10% second tier.

  • Multiple Products To Promote: At iMarketingGlobal we are constantly working on adding new and innovative products to our already great lineup. This means that you will have the choice to promote anyone of our great higher converting offers thus increasing your chances of converting more visitors to customers. And since we cross promote all our products to our customers, this means that 1 sale for you could turn into multiple sales down the road as we introduce our other products to that customer. What this all means is more money in your account!

  • Drip System Marketing: We want you to succeed so much that we have developed one of the best drip marketing email systems on the net. If your referred visitors don't purchase right away you will still have a chance to make money from your efforts because every person you refer will become a member of our mailing list in which they will be placed into our drip marketing system so we can entice them to become a customer even months after they first visited one of our offers.

  • Internet's Greatest Affiliate Tools: We know how hard it can be to make money online if you "don't" have the right tools. This is why we give our affiliates the best tools on the net to promote our products. Read below to see a few of the tools we offer to ALL of our affiliates.

    • Tons of great online audio's and videos that will guide you through every step of the iMarketingGlobal affiliate program.

    • Pre-created Banners, Text links, Articles, and Emails so you can copy and paste tested marketing material on your web site. No more wasting your time trying to create your own marketing materials. We have done all the work for you.

  • 90 days: Don't worry if your visitors don't purchase right away because you have 3 months to make the sale. We will do our job to keep marketing to the visitors you refer until they buy to make sure you make the most money possible.

  • Instant Notification: You will receive instant email updates whenever you make a sale. We will also send you regular statements about your account and keep you updated about your marketing efforts and commissions earned.

As you can see we are doing our job to help you as much as we possibly can so you can start making some serious cash! We want you to succeed and we are willing to do whatever is needed to help you generate more sales.

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We understand that your success depends on our success. This is why we never stop working for you by making sure our site is always converting the best it can. We never stop testing and tweaking new ideas and tactics. Each time we find something that works we stick to it and move onto other areas of the site. This helps us convert visitors like crazy which is why our affiliate program is better than any other program on the net.

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Joshua Writer,
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